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Updated: May 23, 2018


I have been given a lot of opportunities during my time at The Shorthorn, but I never thought I’d be saying I had the chance to help create a game. 

A short time ago, former editor-in-chief Rafael Sears had a little idea for a journalism, role-playing game. Loosely based on games like “Dungeons and Dragons,” “Pathfinder,” etc. Sears wanted to make something people could have fun with while learning more about the field of journalism.

Soon Sears and the director of Student Publications, Beth Francesco, were pitching the idea to a committee in charge of distributing grants for innovative ideas at the University of Texas at Arlington.

They were given a grant and the hard part started, development.

Sears was set to graduate soon and the daily business of Student Publications made it hard to complete the game. Sears took on a new job and was soon too busy to focus his attention on the game.

Francesco put together a new team to head the development of Headlines and Deadlines, the perfect name for this game. That team consisted of (at the time) The Shorthorn’s social media editor, another former editor-in-chief and myself.

Photo by: Beth Francesco

Since then the game has gone from an idea to being play tested at state journalism conventions. Most recently, Francesco and I spoke at a national convention about the game and other games The Shorthorn uses to help train new staff members.

There were  lot of late nights and hard work that went into creating Headlines and Deadlines.

It has been awesome helping develop something like this. As I get ready to graduate, I’m excited to see where the game goes from here. Hopefully it goes a lot further when the next batch of creatives come in.

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