Give the S/O a camera Pt. 2

Happy National News Engagement Day!

I recently took a trip to Indianapolis, Indiana to visit my girlfriend.

I’ve written already about how giving her a camera when we went out helped me relax when I was carrying mine.

There is another reason to give your significant other a camera … when you’re trying to distract her.

We went out to Anderson Orchard to pick some apples and walk around. We thought it was a cute date idea for the short amount of time I was there.

We spent about an hour picking apples and walking around before we realized we overhyped the experience.

Little did she know I was expecting a lot more from that trip.

I followed her around the whole time with a ring in my pocket, completely ready to ask her to marry me.

I waited for any opening to ask her and pulled the ring out at least 20 times. She was distracted taking her own pictures and never saw me pull the ring out. None of those moments felt right.

We bagged the apples we picked and moved on to the concession stand, where she gave me a mini heart attack. Her lens cap was in the same pocket as the ring and at one point she reached in to get the cap. I jumped and played it off like I didn’t know who was touching me.

We wrapped up our day at the orchard with a short walk through its crafts fair. The time to propose never showed itself.

It wasn’t until we got back to her apartment that I found the moment.

She said yes … after asking if this was real.

She was my editor in chief while I was her multimedia editor. We made the best team then and we’ll continue being partners.

The first Tuesday of October is National News Engagement Day. It is a day set aside to raise awareness for the importance of news. To get engaged and spread the word, snap a selfie with your favorite news source and post it with #newsengagementday.

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